A cat may look at a king: all people are equal, irrespective of their social background.

“His arrogant manner with the staff is highly objectionable; he should remember that a cat may look at a king!”

 cat's whiskers

Cat’s pyjamas/whiskers: the best.

“My new car is just the cat’s whiskers.”

fight like cat and dog

Fight like cat and dog: be continually quarrelling.

“There’s never any peace in our house because my two daughters fight like cat and dog.”

let the cat

Let the cat out of bed: unintentionally reveal a secret.

“We were going to throw a surprise party for Tom’s birthday but Gill let the cat out of the bag and he knew all about it beforehand.

when the cat 's away

When the cat’s away the mice will play: people will take advantage of any lack of supervision.

“Colin has been to the pub every night since his wife’s  been in hospital; still, when the cat’s away!”



(From  John O.E. Clark, Dictionary of English Idioms, Harrap’s)

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