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579. THE LION AND THE THREE BULLS (with youtube video).

The Lion and the Three Bulls

    THREE BULLS for a long time pastured together. A Lion lay in ambush in the hope of making them his prey, but was afraid to attack them while they kept together. Having at last by guileful [DECEPTIVE] speeches succeeded in separating them, he attacked them without fear as they fed alone, and feasted on them one by one at his own leisure.

Union is strength.



A will-o’-the-wisp (/ˌwɪl ə ðə ˈwɪsp/), will-o’-wisp (/ˌwɪl ə ˈwɪsp/), or ignis fatuus (/ˌɪɡnɪs ˈfætʃuəs/); Medieval Latin for “foolish fire”)

1a. thing that is impossible to obtain; a person that you cannot depend on;

2a. blue light that is sometimes seen at night on soft wet ground and is caused by natural gases burning.


Early 17th cent.: originally as Will with the wisp, the sense of wisp being ‘handful of (lighted) hay’.

(Taken from “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 9th edition © Oxford University Press, 2015”)




Another negative event or action that contributes to one’s downfall or to something’s failure.

 If my parents find out that I failed my exam, it will be another nail in the coffin, and they may never let me go out again!

The phrase was also adopted by smokers. As early as the 1920s, they referred to cigarettes as “coffin nails”, and this expression became the stock response whenever someone accepted yet another cigarette.



Global Seed Vault: the Arctic’s doomsday depository that could save plant life from climate change

Some 1,300 miles into the Arctic Circle and just 650 miles from the North Pole lies the world’s most important freezer.

Situated on Spitsbergen Island in the Svalbard archipelago, the Global Seed Vault is owned by the Norwegian government.

Contained within in it are 930,000 varieties of the world’s most precious seeds, sent by the gene banks across the globe to insure them against risks in their home country, such as natural disasters, war and looting [saccheggio].

Built to house as many as five million seed varieties, in the most extreme circumstances, the vault is intended to act as a “doomsday” [eterno] depository for global agriculture, should a major catastrophe wipe out the plants we rely on.

Three vaults lie at the end of a 130m tunnel inside the flank [fianco] of Mount Plateau, allowing the seeds to be stored deep within the Arctic permafrost. In the Vault Room the seeds are cooled to an optimal –18C.